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The May elections are a real opportunity to elect Green leaders who will take action to ensure a strong economic recovery so that nobody is left behind. An economic recovery for people and planet, remembering we have just nine years left to reach carbon neutral if we are to have a chance of avoiding climate catastrophe.

Who are we?

As well as my campaign to become the Avon and Somerset’s first Green Police and Crime Comissioner, there are two other fantastic Green candidates running for election in the West.

Sandy Hore-Ruthven is running for Mayor of Bristol. Find out more about Sandy and his campaign here.

And Jerome Thomas is running for Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner. Find out more about Jerome and his campaign here.

We are a great team, and are dedicated to making the West of England the best it can be.

Can you help by donating to the campaign so we can compete with the big budgets of the old parties?